ANGORA: Angora fibers refers to the downy coat produced by the angora rabbit. Fur production: Harvesting occurs up to four times a year by shearing or collecting of the molting fur. No rabbit is ever harmed or killed in the process.

Angora is known for its softness, low micron count and for its silky texture. It is 3 times warmer than sheep wool. Because of the hollow structure of its fibers it is comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. It is the perfect protection from cold weather. The warmth-giving therapeutic effect is beneficial for people with back problems or arthritis.

The fiber is blended with wool and polyamid to give the yarn elasticity.


Yarn content:

30 % angora, 30 % sheepwool, 40 % microacryl for light underwear


40 % angora, 30 % wool, 30 % polyamid for braces, body warmer